Friday, May 27, 2011

When is my time....

Now please be clear on the definitions of the terms used:

I am so tired of being married to someone who does not see the need (like I do) to obey God in every area of his life. I am doing everytthing right I guess, as far as my eye's can see, and still there is no happiness left for me. I am tired of living in poverty, I am tired of living in lack, I am tired of not being able to do the things I want to do all because I am married to someone who lives in fear of everything. Fear of trusting God, Fear of White people, Fear of it all....

I know that I was placed here with a purpose, but in order for me to get my message heard there are things that need to be done and need to be immediately. I am in need of ample spply for me to do what I have to do, and I am married to someone who can only see opposite of what I see, this is not working, something has to give, and give quickly. When will something happen for me to help me see that I am not forgotten, why is it that everything thst I desire seems so far away? am I not following the rules? does the law of attraction only work for some and not for all? what am I doing wrong here?.

Is there anyone out there who understands my pain? I feel all alone, and I am tired of being alienated in this life.


  1. Let me encourage you!!! Psalms 37 (read the whole chapter)..The Word says "Commit your way to the Lord (which means roll and repose each care of your load on Him as Joyce Meyer put it)TRUST and rely on Him (meaning lean on, be confident, lean not to your own understanding); AND HE WILL BRING IT TO PASS!!!"
    It's not in your timing. It''s his time. So,"be still and REST in the Lord; wait for Him patiently and lean yourself upon Him." You don't have to know the outcome to know that Romans 8:28 stands true for you....."For all things work together for the GOOD for those who LOVE the Lord and are called ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE."
    Pray and ask God to lead and direct your steps for he said that "If the Lord delights in a man's way, HE makes his steps firm!!"
    Be Encouraged sister!!

  2. I read the entire chapter; It was an amazing read. I know this may sound strange or hypocritical, but I am not seeking immediate gratification. These are things that I've dealt with for a long time. Please understand that I am married to a provider, my husband takes care of everything but me. My needs are not met (spiritually) because he LACKS the ability to see my needs. We are strickened with POVERTY (different ends of the spectrum) due to his inability to acknowledge the need for giving God all the Praise and all the Glory... See he is one who takes great pride in thinking HE is responsible for the tangible items and everything that goes along with them. Ket me state; I am not judging him in any way (per title), I just see a tad bit further down the lane. Where he falls short, I gladly pick up the pace (spiritually), but his inability to see my accomplishments (spiritually) is what brings us to a screetching halt in our relationship. Very kind man, Very mild mannered, has done many things for me according to THIS LIFE, but my need to pursue happiness in the spiritual realm is what he cannot see. That is troublesome....

  3. Yea, I understand. My biological father was like that (according to my step mom-since I came into his life much latter in life I did not know him before Christ). However, God got a hold of him, and now he goes hard for Christ, and she is happy. However, they had one of those conversation in which he basically was like what do you have to complain about. I've given you all this stuff and you keep talking about God, and she basically told him "you think I care about all this stuff?!" I will leave you if you don't get it together! So, the morale of the story is God will deal with it far better than we can.